ALL-CON Opening Ceremony

Rated: Everyone

Category: Presentation

Produced by: Half-Ass Productions

An ALL-CON tradition!

Every journey has a beginning. Let your convention weekend journey begin in the best possible way with a lively overview of an experience 20 years in the making!

Join Cole ''JediCole'' Houston, veteran of all prior 19 years of ALL-CON Dallas, as he acts as your guide to the entire four-day event ahead. There is a lot ground to cover (with over 300 events in this year's lineup) and precious little time to inform and entertain the show's early arrivals. For over a decade now JediCole has been introducing attendees, new and seasoned, to an overview of what is in store for them in a rapid-fire orientation on ''Your Favorite Con'' and he is more that up for the challenge yet again!


THU 11:00 AM (45 mins.) Room: LAKESIDE BALLROOM (Lake Level)

Speaking: Cole ''JediCole'' Houston




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