Don't Lose Your Geek Card: Cult Cinema and Television Edition featuring J-Ster!

Rated: Mature

Category: Gameshow

Produced by: ALL-CON Games and Theory

That mad clown J-Ster is back! Get ready for a wickedly wild trivia game, while dodging his flying lollipops and offers for salted nut rolls, that explores cult cinema and cult TV shows. From Doctor Who and Twin Peaks, to midnight movie sensations and Star Trek, take on the game board for a wonderful prize pack to brag to all your friends about.

(warning: J-Ster is a sadistic yet hilarious clown character. Those with coulrophobia may want to skip this game show if they feel it may be too intense.)


SAT 10:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: PECAN (2nd Floor, Back)