3D Printing for Cosplay

Rated: Everyone

Category: Discussion

Produced by: Chaks Productions

3D printing is quickly becoming a popular tool for cosplayers. If you're ready to learn more about 3D printing, or you're wanting to pick up some tips to improve your prints, then this is the panel for you!

Join Charles Poynter of Chaks Productions, Keely Graesser of Mutants, Maidens & Munchkins, Bryce Eden of Frostbite Cosplay, Nick Glover of Mad Titan Cosplay and Sean Fields of Project 842 for an open forum panel as they discuss everything from 3D printers to giving a great finish to your 3D printed props.


SAT Noon (45 mins.) Room: WILLOW (1st Floor, Front)

Speaking: Chaks Cosplay; Keely Graesser; Frostbite Cosplay; Mad Titan Cosplay; Sean Fields