Heads or Tails

Rated: Teen

Category: Activity

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The panelists will have the coin of Destiny. They will pick an audience member who throws their hand up in the air. They will then ask them heads or tails. If the coin lands on what the audience member chose, then the audience member will ask a panelist or all panelists a question and no matter what the question is, they will have to answer with complete honesty. HOWEVER, if it doesn't land on what they called out, the tables are turned and the panelists get to ask that person a question and they have to answer it honestly and can't back out either. What a tricky game of luck and chance.


SAT 9:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: MAPLE (2nd Floor, Back)

Speaking: Mystix Panda; Josh Davis; Gamma Delta; Tymander Cosplay; DaletheCosplayer