Speed Social / Speed Dating

Rated: Teen

Category: Activity

Produced by: Epic When Gaming

Not your average speed dating panel!

When you sign up for this panel, you'll receive a number, and we'll tell you where to sit. From there, it doesn't matter the gender of you or the other person. We'll pair everyone off to chat by your number instead!

During the panel, you'll be marking down the numbers of the people who you want to receive their email/phone number (depends on what they provide on the sign-up sheet). While this panel focuses on friendly chatter, you also have the option to specify if you'd like to go on a date. Notice! If you AND the person you select do not BOTH select each other, neither of you will receive the other's contact information, and your interest will remain private.

**This is not an 18+ panel, but you MUST bring your ID to participate!


THU 9:00p.m. (1 hr. 45 mins.) Room: WILLOW (1st Floor, Front)