Rocky Horror Picture Show

At 10:00pm on Friday ALL-CON will be hosting a performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, presented by Dallas' own "LosBastardos"! The night will start off at 9pm with unique Pre-Show entertainment.  After the pre-show the movie will begin promptly.

No Rocky experience is worth it's while without a strong cast to support it. If you're sitting at home watching Rocky Horror on DVD, it's no wonder if you just don't get it.

With the right cast (stage, floor, and tech crew) any person can attend, whether seasoned fan, costumer, or first-time curious, and come away wanting to "do it again".

LosBastardos is a strong cast, having been performing in-theater weekly since 2002 in Fort Worth, plus performing at additional venues on request. Many cast members of LosBastardos even pre-date the March 2002 opening, having been members of other casts around the country. ALL-CON is proud to present this professional, fun, and energetic cast at the convention.

Due to the theme and content, no convention attendee under 17 will be allowed anywhere near the ballroom unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, in which case we must additionally draw the line at the age of 12 for convention standards.

Due to contract guidelines, many standard RHPS props are prohibited from use in the hotel ballroom. Please don't bring any of your own. The Cast and Crew for LosBastardos will have 'official' prop bags available with approved items which will (A) Guarentee you have ALL the right props at just the right time and (B) ALL-CON will continue to be able to bring you this event in the up-coming years.

As always at Rocky Horror Picture Show events, costuming is welcome and encouraged.

*We are required to add: "Even if performed properly, participation in any Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcasting Event has not proven to be a significant source of weight loss in labratory environments."