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Epic When Gaming

Epic When Gaming is a nonprofit, Midwest based group that fundraises for carefully selected charity organizations. We host programming that promotes connecting with others through the unparalleled experience of gaming, both online and at physical locations with our well-serviced equipment and library of over 2,000 genuine and officially-licensed games. With a passion for gaming, our dedicated staff creates unique programming catered to old and new gamers alike.







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THU 9:00p.m.: Speed Social / Speed Dating (1 hr. 45 mins.)

Room: WILLOW (1st Floor, Front) Rated: Teen

Produced By: Epic When Gaming

Not your average speed dating panel!

When you sign up for this panel, you'll receive a number, and we'll tell you where to sit. From there, it doesn't matter the gender of you or the other person. We'll pair everyone off to chat by your number instead!

During the panel, you'll be marking down the numbers of the people who you want to receive their email/phone number (depends on what they provide on the sign-up sheet). While this panel focuses on friendly chatter, you also have the option to specify if you'd like to go on a date. Notice! If you AND the person you select do not BOTH select each other, neither of you will receive the other's contact information, and your interest will remain private.

**This is not an 18+ panel, but you MUST bring your ID to participate!

Category: Activity

FRI 5:00p.m.: Epic Trivia Game Tournament (45 mins.)

Room: PALM (1st Floor, Front) Rated: Everyone

Produced By: Epic When Gaming

Face off head-to-head against another attendee in a video game while we barrage you with trivia questions! The more questions you can answer, the higher your score will be. However, if you win at the game, you get to stay on the stage, while the loser has to get back in line. Oh, and did we mention that you must take your hand off the controller to buzz in?

Trivia is gaming and pop-culture, and the games include titles like Tetris, Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Tekken 3, Super Mario Bros 3 (Battle), Punch-Out!!, and more!

*No fee to enter, and prizes for the top 3 scores!

Category: Activity

SAT 3:00p.m.: Everybody Jackbox! (45 mins.)

Room: WILLOW (1st Floor, Front) Rated: Teen

Produced By: Epic When Gaming

With access to all of the Jackbox Games titles, we invite you to join us! All you need to bring is your phone and a passion for minigames. We'll be playing games that support audience participation, so don't worry being left out when seats fill up. Additionally, we'll be rotating through players, so we'll make sure you get your turn to draw Napoleon riding a squirrel.

Category: Activity

SUN 11:00a.m.: Bop-It for Charity (45 mins.)

Room: DOGWOOD (2nd Floor, Left) Rated: Everyone

Produced By: Epic When Gaming

Yes, you read that correctly. The globally-loved toy demanding that you bop it, twist it, and pull it better than your friends is going to be right here at ALL-CON. But there's something special about this Bop-it...

This is a programmable Bop-it, meaning the Epic When Gaming staff has put in moves and sounds that make you instead swish and flick and HADOUKEN better than your friends. You'll get a demo of all the moves and a chance to try them before we start. The last person standing wins!

The winner gets to add a new move to the bop-it, and we have other prizes to offer the top 2 runner ups.

**To enter, we ask that you donate any amount to one of our favorite, EPIC-authenticated charities--some you may have heard of! Charities include Child's Play Charity, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Organization for Autism Research, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and more to choose from.

Category: Activity