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In Lehman's Terms

Combining a lifelong interest in science fiction and trivia with comic conventions, In Lehmann's Terms strives to provide a new take on trivia games; providing a challenge with varied levels of difficulty across an extended knowledge base.


SAT 10:00 AM: Think You Know Ship?!? (45 mins.)

Room: LANTANA I (Breezeway) Rated: Everyone

Produced By: ALL-CON Games and Theory; In Lehman's Terms

Do you think you can identify the TV show or movie after seeing an associated astral conveyance? Were all quite familiar with the well-known spaceships from our favorite shows, but what about the ones that a bit more obscure? Start your day on the hangar deck by testing your skills against other players as you vie for bragging rights and prizes, brought to you by Games and Theory's newest presenter: In Lehmann's Terms. Nows your chance to get your s#*p together and prove to everyone that you really know your s#*p!! ** As with all game shows, get there early to get in on the potential contestant pool. This game show has a pre-show qualifying quiz and contestants will be selected from the top qualifiers.

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